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Things to see in the Rheingau

Excursion tips

There is so much worth seeing in the Rheingau. We’ve put together a short list of our personal favorites for you. We know. There’s so much more to do and see. But have a look at our suggestions, and we’re sure you will find something to fit your taste. And if you can’t manage to get it all done, just come visit us again! The Rheingau is beautiful all year round.

How about exploring the Rhine from a different perspective? The Ebental Hof offers a wide range of professional helicopter rides. Here you can fulfill your dream of flying and at the same time savor the unique chance of seeing the Rheingau and its beautiful landscape from above. The Ebental Hof offers tours for up to four people, and you can choose from trips between 30 and 90 km long.

If you are planning on visiting the Germania, we recommend you take the Rüdesheim cable car. The cable car is 1373 meters long and covers 200 meters in altitude. Enjoy a lovely view of Rüdesheim and the Rhine while floating above the vineyards towards the Germania monument. Sometimes they even offer rides by moonlight. You can take bicycles, buggies and wheelchairs on the cable car, making it an affordable adventure for the entire family. Every year over one hundred thousand people use the Rüdesheim cable car. At the ticket station ask for the “Romantic ticket” – you will be thrilled.

High above Rüdesheim sits the neoromantic Benedictine abbey Saint Hildegard. Built from massive quartzite stone, the solid, beautiful abbey is a symbol of strength and solace in daily life. Today over 40 Benedictine nuns reside and work there. For a living they run a guesthouse, an abbey shop, a café, a winery and an art workshop. Everywhere visitors look, they come across Hildegard von Bingen - a mystic figure from the 12th century. A special recommendation from us: Take a walk along the Hildegard path!

Only three kilometers from Geisenheim in a small idyllic valley surrounded by woods lies Germany’s oldest place of pilgrimage – the Franciscan monastery Marienthal. It was built in the early 14th century and is the target of pilgrims from all around the world. Even the Rheingau locals come to this church to pray to the miraculous pietà of the Madonna. Despite its popularity, this sacred place is generally a quiet sanctuary, underlined by the gentle bubbling of the Elsterbach brook nearby. The Stations of the Cross provide a perfect place for reflection, and during the summer the services are often held outside.

The 29-kilometer-long Wisper Stream is known to everyone in the Rheingau. Over millions of years the stream cut its way through the slate mountains, creating a small, stunning paradise well worth exploring: the Wisper Valley. It is the perfect destination for a hike and maybe a picnic in the cool woods along the stream or for just letting your thoughts flow by. However, if you are looking for some solitude and peace, we recommend you come here during the week. On the weekends it’s a beloved destination for motorbikes. And don’t forget while you are there to have some fresh trout. The oxygen-rich water of the stream is perfect home for these delicious fish!