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Villa Gutenberg Wine Estate

Family-Owned Wine Estate

For generations wine has been central the Nägler family. Today, three generations work and live at the family estate Villa Gutenberg, which is within easy walking distance to the Nägler's. The family vision: wines that inspire. Many customers come from near and far to the stately Villa to taste and buy the wines, as well as to enjoy the frequent wine events.

Come yourself, meet the family and see the estate. Experience wine history in action: closely linked to tradition, deeply rooted in the present, and constantly oriented towards the future.

The grapes, growing all around the art-nouveau-style estate, are all of the highest quality. The vineyard faces southwest and bears the name “Gutenberg”. The name originates from people calling the vineyard “guter Berg” (good hill) for viticulture.
The constructional drawings for the villa received an award at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. In 1904 the house was completed using quarry stones and sandstone and built with its characteristic round arches and bay windows. The Nägler family bought the villa in the late 70s and renovated it in its original style. Ever since, it has been the family home. On the ground floor you can find their wine shop where you can also sample their wines. 

Following the tradition of the Rheingau, the Villa Gutenberg estate focuses on white wines, to be more specific, on the Riesling grape. In addition, grape varieties such as Rivaner, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir round off the delicious options available at the estate. Take advantage of our excellent family ties and become part of the Villa Gutenberg fan club!