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Enjoying the Rheingau gourmet-style

Culinary Rheingau

The Rheingau is a great place to live, not to mention the great food. Thanks to the Rheingau’s mild climate, fruit and vegetables grow aplenty. Wine is fundamental to the regional culinary creations, and the number of regional producers is growing. In the Rheingau they’ve rediscovered it, too: good, honest cooking with fresh products from the local farmers. Rheingau’s culinary savoir vivre…

In addition to our wines, great cuisine is very important in the Rheingau. Our gourmet season starts off with the “Rheingauer Schlemmerwochen” under the motto “regional wines, regional cuisine, regional originals”. During these two weeks wineries and restaurants invite you to come and try their local, home-made specialties. It’s the perfect setting to be together with friends, have a nice chat, perhaps listen to some live music and enjoy some excellent wines and fantastic food.

Connoisseurs from around the world come each year to the “Rheingau Gourmet & Wine Festival”. The Rheingau sparkles with (Michelin) stars, and wine lovers come from far and wide to taste exquisite, rare wines. This fine event is followed by one wine festival after another held in the towns throughout the area until late into the summer.

Delicious food and wine can be found everywhere you look. In the late fall the “Glorious Rheingau Days” mark the end of the year’s culinary symphony. And of course wine is ever-present, as it should be in a region that lives for and from its wine.

Tavern stories

When asked what makes the Rheingau so special, a wise man once answered: “Here you can find everything your heart desires, all stringed close together, just like the pearls on a necklace.”
This statement is true for all of the historic sites and sightseeing, as well as for the restaurants where you can indulge in good food of all sorts.

There are many restaurants and wine taverns close to the hotel. It’s not easy to choose where to go. Each is unique and special in its own way. Below we have listed a few places close by.

Weinstube Wingertsknorze (Hauptstraße 6 - 15 m)
Phone: 06723-2601

Gutsausschank F. B. Schönleber (Hauptstraße 1b  – 30 m)
Phone: 06723-91760

Asad´s (Rheingaustraße 131 – 190 m) – türkische Spezialitäten
Phone: 06723-5374

Gutsauschank Dr. Corvers-Kauter (Rheingaustraße 129 – 200 m)
Phone: 06723-2614

O´Sole Mio (Rheingaustraße 119 – 400 m)
Phone: 06723-87841

Gutsausschank Hamm (Hauptstraße 60 – 450 m)
Phone:  06723-991375

Fraund´s Restaurant im Zehntenhof (Hauptstraße 68 – 450 m)
Phone: 06723-888652

Die Wirtschaft (Hauptstraße 70 – 500 m)
Phone: 06723-7426

Haus am Strom (Gänsgasse 13 – 1,1 km)
Phone: 06723-2250

Brentano-Haus (Am Lindenplatz 2 – 1,4 km)!/de/allendorf/brentanohaus
Phone: 06723-8854070