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Exploring Rheingau’s culture


The Rheingau is cultivated; time-worn witnesses to history are built close to one another throughout the area. Even in the quaintest villages there are treasures to be discovered. Come explore the world-renown history yourself!

Historical highlights like the wine castles Johannisberg and Vollrads, and of course the wine monastery Eberbach, are waiting for you. And in the vineyards above Rüdesheim, the Germania monument watches over the colorful goings-on in the world famous Drosselgasse below.

Just a stone’s throw in Winkel will take you to the Brentano House and onto a trip back in time to the Romantic era on the Rhine. Following the Rhine to Oestrich, you should definitely visit the historic wine crane. In the old days this crane was used to load ships with the good Rheingau wine and ship it across the world. And finally there is Eltville – the town of champagne and roses. The historical town center and the Rhine promenade are true precious stones among the many Rheingau jewels.

But wait! Don’t move on before taking a peek at Kiedrich, a lovely Gothic wine town with a stunning parish church where choir boys sing songs of yore. Don’t forget to ask for a blessing from the Kiedrich Madonna, who abides there.