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Bicycle tours through the Rheingau


Even before today’s impressive network of bicycle trails was formed, cycling was popular in the Rheingau. Whether along the river valley or up through the Taunus Mountains, there’s something for everyone. As kids our bikes gave us independence from our parents, brought us to school, enabled us to go to the pool or even took us to our first romantic rendezvous hidden between the grapevines. Later we relied on our bikes to burn those extra calories. Regardless of then or now, we here enjoy riding bikes.

The Rheingau Riesling Trail (Rheingauer Riesling Route) goes from Flörsheim am Main to Kaub am Rhein. Almost the entire path leads along flat, even trails next to the Main and Rhine rivers, occasionally taking a quick jaunt up a hill and through the vineyards before it returns to the river bank. Two other popular cycling paths are the European Rhine Cycling Trail (europäische Rheinradweg) and the State of Hessen’s Distance Trail R3 (hessicher Fernradweg R3).

The new Cross Rhine Cycling Trail (QuerRhein-Radtour) takes you across the river and through two popular wine regions: Rheingau and Rheinhessen. All paths are well connected to bus and train and are close to the hotel.

Feel free to bring your own bike and store it in our bike room for the night before taking it out the next day to explore the region. Please ask at the reception for maps to help you plan your trip. And if you don’t have your own bike, tell us your preference and we will be happy to help you find a suitable rental, whether touring bike, mountain bike or even e-bike.

If you want to travel further and see more of the region, you are welcome to take your bike on the train. Cyclists are often seen on the Rheingau Line and you can even take your bike on the chairlift in Rüdesheim and on board the Rhine boats.