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Riesling -- King of the Rheingau

Wine region

Wine has been a central part of life in the Rheingau for as long as people can remember. Here reigns King Riesling. Over 80% of the region’s total 3,200 hectares of vineyards is planted with this regal grape variety. Riesling one of the noblest grapes in the world and due to the favorable climate and excellent vineyard sites found in the Rheingau, the grapes are able to reach their full potential.

It’s hard to get any closer to wine. Vineyards such as Oestricher Lenchen, Winkeler Hasensprung and Winkeler Dachsberg are only a short walk away. And the Winkeler Jesuitengarten grapes grow at the hotel’s door step, just within grasp. But don’t give into temptation – the grapes are needed to produce the region’s delicious Riesling wines!
Only a few kilometers further along the Rhine you will find Rüdesheimer Roseneck, Geisenheimer Rothenberg, Hattenheimer Macrobrunn and Kiedricher Gräfenberg, all excellent single vineyard names which are highly praised by wine lovers from around the world. These vineyards produce rich, full-bodied, crisp wines with excellent ageing potential.

If you’d prefer red, we recommend you take a trip to Assmanshausen, Here, too, you will find wines of international renown. Assmanshausen is most famed for its Pinot Noirs, especially those growing in the Höllenberg vineyard, which has made this small town big on the map.