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Relaxation or exertion

Relax & Fit

The secret to a healthy life lies in the interplay between activity and relaxation. If both are in even balance, we feel content with ourselves and are healthy. Unfortunately, often stress, tension and bad habits predominate our daily lives, making it even more important to find some compensation in our free time.

Chill Out

Dive into our Fine Living Chill-Out area and do just that: chill. Here you can find endless space to just kick back and daydream.

How about a snooze in our cozy bunks? You can also lay back in one of the Feel-Fine Swings and gently rock yourself to sleep. It is completely quiet in the confined quiet zones.


If you fancy some training sessions to get your body going, you are in good hands. Enjoy training on our perfectly serviced fitness equipment. The warm colors of the wood lend the room a pleasant training atmosphere, perfect for body and soul.

The professional equipment from the manufacturer WaterRoewer has its unique charm. The equipment is produced in a small factory in northern Germany, which stands for its products’ functionality, aesthetics, simplicity and elegance, as well as for the sustainability of the materials. The frames are made of carefully selected, solid wood and are robust, simple and pleasing. This new generation of fitness equipment fits perfectly into the Fine Living Hotel concept.